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Move-Out Guide for Residents

Dear Resident, 

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your tenancy at our property. We have enjoyed having you as a resident and we hope if you are ever back in the area looking for an apartment you will look for an UrbanOne Property to live at again!  


If you are reading this your lease is most likely expiring soon.  This page should help you with the move out process and answer many questions you may have..  If you have any questions about your move-out please do not hesitate to contact our office.  Thank you for making UrbanOne your home for a short time!  We wish you all the best in your future home!  

-BranHTX Properties Management


You must give a notice to vacate in advance by at least 60 DAYS or the number of days required in your lease,

even if the lease is month to month. All leases must end on the last day of the month following your 60 day notice. 

Your move-out notice must not terminate the lease sooner than the end of the lease term or renewal period.


All notices are now submitted through your resident portal under the 'Contact Us' tab.  Any questions about the move out process or notice to vacate, please contact our property management team.


​Rapid Move-Out Option

We do the deep clean for you!!


 $150 will be deducted from your security deposit

  • You are responsible for removing all items and trash from the unit. 

  • The unit is to be broom swept clean.

  • You don’t have to do the deep clean, mop, scrub appliance etc...

  • We take care of the deep clean after you vacate.


Any damages or deductions can still be deducted from your deposit per the terms of your lease.  We do not charge for small nail holes or any normal wear and tear in the unit. 


If you have any damages you may be worried about being charged for, we can meet you to discuss. Other wise send us an email once you have completely vacated the unit and returned keys.

We document and take pictures of anything that may be deduct from your deposit. 



If you decide to clean the unit yourself:

We recommend that you hire a cleaning service.  Be sure to clean the bathtub/shower, toilet, interior/exterior of all appliances, all counter tops, interior/exterior of all cabinets, and floors throughout the apartment. These are the areas that typically need the most attention and are the reason behind the vast majority of tenant charge-backs at move-out.  Do not spackle walls to fill nail or screw holes or paint the walls or trim, unless you have been instructed to do so.  Repair of holes for items such at TV's or larger items may be charged at move-out.  

Carpets: Please vacuum and/or shampoo carpet to remove any stains in carpets that were not present prior to your move-in.

Wood/Tile/Ceramic Floors: You are required to sweep clean and mop the floors. Do NOT use oil based cleaners such as Murphy’s Oil or Old English to shine them up. Failure to clean the floors could result in additional charges against your deposit.

Utility Cancelation 

Electricity/Gas services must remain active and in residents name through entirety of lease, if resident moves out prior to final day of lease, utilities must remain active.  It is sole responsibility of the resident to ensure utilities end the final day of the lease.  


If your property has gas appliances or heater, resident must provide Centerpoint Gas access to property to shut off services at the end of the lease.  It is a good idea to schedule this ahead of time with Centerpoint.  



If you used the RESIDEO, ALARM.COM or HONEY WELL APP - It is very important you "de-register" or DELETE any thermostats you may have set up in your phone so the next resident can set this up


Simply log in to the app, select the thermostat, then select the settings icon.  

Select thermostat configuration and delete.  

If you do not have access or have any questions, please contact our office.

If you did not set up the Thermostat on your phone, you do not need to worry about this step


Make arrangements to return ALL sets of keys to your property manager immediately after vacating the apartment.

Your keys may include, but not limited to, gate key/FOB, apartment key/FOB, mailbox key, storage and/or laundry. Please return any garage door openers, gate cards, laundry cards,

parking and pool passes as well.  

The prompt return of all keys is important because you remain in possession of the property until the keys have been surrendered, a quick turnover is often necessary to accommodate the future tenant’s move-in deadlines, and failure to comply will result in a change of lock fee which will be withheld from your security deposit.


$40 Charge for Lost Mail Key.  Other leases charges apply for lost keys.



All deposits are held by the property owner/entity.  Deposit refund statements are sent directly to the owner for distribution of payment.  BranHTX Properties does not hold or receive security deposits at anytime.  If your deposit has not been received within 30 days, please contact us and we will coordinate with the property owners to track your deposit.  

Any unpaid balance (including rent, utilities or late fees) will be withheld from your security deposit.


A move-out inspection will be performed on the unit. You are welcome and have the right to be present during the inspection, but your presence is not required. The purpose of the inspection is to determine what, if any, damage has occurred to the premises since you took possession.

Any expenses incurred as a result of excessive damage will be withheld from your security deposit. Pictures will be available per request. Should the security deposit cover only a fraction of the amounts owed, BranHTX will bill you for the additional charges. 


Deposit refunds will be mailed by USPS or sent by ACH should you choose this option.  


If you have not provided a forwarding address, please be sure to do this by submitting your move out notice under the 'CONTACT US' tab located on your online portal.    


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